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Science, or para-science, tells us that pelargoniums bloom better if they are spoken to.  But a kind word every now and then is really quite enough.  Too much attention, like too much feeding, and weeding and hoeing, inhibits and embarrasses them.

Today, we welcome and congratulate our new Board of Directors for 2017-2018.  We call it an installation, but I’ve always felt funny calling it that because I think of installing appliances not people.  But, nonetheless, we are taking a few minutes out of this meeting to make official what you voted for last month: You said you wanted these members up here to be the planners, the directors, the orchestrators of your garden club, The Laguna Beach Garden Club.  You are a very smart group of people out there, as these members are so capable of doing all of those things, and more.

But, like the pelargoniums that I mentioned, too many accolades or kind words embarrass them.  They prefer to work without the glory.  So, if I get a little too flowery in my praise of this new Board, give me the high sign and I’ll cut back on the fertilizer.

I’m going to compare each Board position to a certain fragranced pelargonium, as the pelargonium is our club’s flower as well as the official flower of Laguna Beach.

Let’s begin with the Director of the Newsletter.   The scent of the Ardwick Cinnamon pelargonium raises and enhances spiritual vibrations, stimulates clairvoyance, and aids focus and concentration.  These attributes are all necessary to be the garden club newsletter writer, for she, as a writer, will welcome those spiritual vibes so necessary for the creative and invigorating writing that will have all of us on edge each month waiting for the Weeders Digest.

Dalynn Malek, we look forward to your keeping us informed and entertained.

Director of the Website

The Brunswick pelargonium gives a scent of cedar.  Cedar instills confidence and provides protection from misery and misfortune.   Elaine Davis, with your extraordinary computer skills, you embody confidence and with your daily monitoring of the website, you protect all of us from forgetting crucial information necessary to be good members of this garden club—we all feel confident that everything we would ever need to know is on that website.  We thank you for your service!

Director of Publicity

The scent of the Citronella pelargonium attracts friends and customers while providing protection from insects.  What better fragrance to have if one wishes to attract attention to our “almost world famous” garden club?  Diane Lannon, we know you will be drawing attention to all of our almost world famous activities, like our annual garden tour, our first class speakers, and our Rakettes at the Patriots Day Parade.  And, an added benefit is you never have to swat a mosquito.  Head out and tell the community about us!

Director of the Gate and Garden Tour

The French Vanilla pelargonium is noted for a fragrance that vitalizes energy, brings happy occasions to the premises, and draws good fortune. Our Gate and Garden Tour is instrumental to the well-being of our garden club, bringing people from as far away as LA and San Diego, looking forward to our almost world famous gardens and the happy occasions they foster.  We welcome, as well as need, the good fortune this garden tour propagates.  Nancy Englund, may you always exude the fragrance of vanilla!

Director of Ways and Means

The scent of Lavender Lad pelargonium summons inner calm and peace, increased awareness, stability and permanence.  The position of Ways and Means can be a wellspring of anxiety and frustration as finding sources of revenue for the garden club is not an easy proposition.  However, with the help of lavender, the job immediately becomes restful and reassuring, causing one to wake in the middle of the night with a Eureka moment of brilliance, and then falling blissfully back to sleep after having solved the problem of finding revenue.  So, Lynette La Roche, please bathe yourself in lavender to help you to become a permanent source of ideas for fund-raising!

Directors of Membership

The rose pelargonium signifies unconditional love, peace, harmony, and tranquility—all the qualities I look for in a membership position.  How about you?  When one signs up to be a member of an almost world famous organization, one expects to find oneself bathed in unconditional, welcoming arms of friendship.  With this garden club, you get just that.  Connie Maxsenti and Karen Nelson will work diligently to welcome new members, foster camaraderie among present members, and keep close tabs on those nametags.   I’ll help out these two by reminding you:  If you wear it, return it!

Financial Secretary

The almond scented pelargonium, Pretty Polly, is the right choice for the Financial Secretary, Jeanne Yale, for it signifies goals, gains, money and success.  These qualities are a perfect fit for the Financial Secretary, for she is the one who must badger the members for their dues each year.  She even must fine members who lag behind the deadline, a task she does without malice, but with the preeminent goal in mind that an almost world famous garden club must have all its members paying their dues or what have you?  Jeanne, thank you for taking on this very important job.

Recording Secretary

The clove pelargonium is known for strengthening memory and protecting one from hostile negative forces.  As Recording Secretary, Jackie Knauer, knows full well that a phenomenal memory is a must for this position, as motions fly fast and furiously during a monthly board meeting.  We’re not even going there with those hostile negative forces, but luckily, the clove pelargonium will save Jackie from them.  So, sharpen your pencil, summon your fortitude, go forth, and write well!


The nutmeg scented pelargonium is known to attract prosperity.  What better scent for Jorja Puma, as Treasurer.  She must maintain the financial records with meticulous care, encourage wise use of the club’s monies, and yet, be open to ways to encourage more revenue.  The nutmeg pelargonium also fosters psychic powers, so perhaps she can get with Ways and Means and share some of her visions.  Go forth and do well, Keeper of the Coins!

Vice President Programs

The Orange Fizz scented pelargonium is credited for bringing harmony and power.  As Program Chair, Lisa Fecteau must find programs that are well suited to all of the membership and of interest to the community, as well.  They must be affordable to the club, not a repeat of the year before, and be timely to the season.  In other words, she must have a magician’s powers.  But, that’s what the orange scented pelargonium imparts. So, if you happen to be next to Lisa and detect a whiff of orange, you’ll know her powers are working.  Good luck, Lisa!


The apple scented Lilian Pottinger pelargonium evokes peace of mind, relaxation, love, and wisdom—all the qualities one looks for in a president of an almost world famous garden club.  If a president presents a relaxed presence at the podium, gives off an aura of love of her members, relays wisdom of her position but is never abusive, she is probably under the influence of the Lilian Pottinger pelargonium.  Lynn Jax, you have already demonstrated, with a year already served, that you have all of these qualities.  May the next year be as successful as the last, which we feel sure will happen.  Take up the scepter of the apple and lead this almost world famous garden club, The Laguna Beach Garden Club, into the future!

Congratulations to you all!