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2017 Speakers


Billy Goodnick “Do You Suffer from Plant Commitment?”

The Cure For Plant Committment At the insistence of his parents, Brooklyn-born Billy Goodnick was transplanted to LA at age eight, studied music, and became an in-demand Hollywood studio drummer. "As fate would have it I stumbled upon the exquisite art of bonsai," he reports. "I turned my life on a dime, dropped my drumsticks,


Steve Kaye – “Garden Photography How to Take Better Pictures”

Steve Kaye speaks on Garden Photography – How to Take Better Pictures.  Steve feels a connection with Nature and a compassion for life. This serves to guide his focus for photographs that capture the extraordinary essence of the earth’s beauty in flowers and birds in California gardens.  These photographs inspire respect for Nature giving uniquely


Linda Larson – “A Traveling Gardener”

Linda Larsen Presents “A Traveling Gardener- Wandering, Wondering, Noticing” Linda Larson is an advocate for the importance of public green space and the value of nature in our lives. A lifelong lover of flowers, Master Gardener, Faculty Emeritus of Mesa College and gardener in Mesa, AZ for over 30 years. Linda writes a monthly "Traveling


Josie Goodenow – “All About Bees”

Speaker Josie Goodenow  Gives Us the Buzz About Bees Josie Goodenow has been gardening since she was in the second grade when her father retired from the Air Force and settled in Napa County.  She has lived in the Georgetown area of California since 1985, and enjoys being in a Zone 7 growing area, where