Green Thumb Crafts

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Green Thumb Crafts is a group of garden club members meeting in a friendly informal group at members’ homes. Members exchange information and ideas regarding gardening activities and problems, do garden-related craft projects. All club members are encouraged to participate in these projects. Information on each monthly activity is available in Weeder’s Digest.


Giftwrap – January 2016

Natalie’s garden is such an imaginative environment, the absolute perfect place to create January’s Green Thumb project - Botanical Gift Wrap. Although a bit drizzly and cold, all worked together to produce yards of organically unique patterns of plant material on brown paper, of course, under the supervision of Turbo, Natalie’s adorable dog. Before leaving,


Succulent Wreaths 2015

Wow! Look at those beautiful wreaths! As always, Jeanne Yale’s succulent wreath class was a big hit at our October Green Thumb event. Jeanne is generous with her knowledge, plants, and charming personality. Everyone has a great time and always leaves happy.


Staghorn Ferns Encore

Our wonderful Natalie Harlow-Alison led our Green Thumb event on Staghorn Ferns at her home last Friday.  It was a bright and beautiful day. The weather is always pretty great in Laguna.  We are so fortunate! Natalie shared everything about Staghorn Ferns: how they are planted, when they grow best, and what makes them thrive.


Staghorn Ferns

Our last Green Thumb project of the year was all about Staghorn Ferns. As always, Natalie did a fabulous job. However, she outdid herself with this class. Not only did we gain an incredible amount of knowledge, we had a blast. Our “Tool Time Natalie” brought out her power tools. First she sawed apart some