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Holiday Tour

The Holiday Tour of members’ homes and gardens is the perfect way to end the LBGC year. On December 18th, 2015. Members enjoyed refreshments and the holiday décor of: Wendy Caufield, Jorja Puma, and Connie Maxscenti’s homes and gardens. A good time was enjoyed by all!


L.A. County Arboretum

On Wednesday, November 18, 2015, fifteen Garden Club members toured the 127-acre L.A. County Arboretum. While there were very few plants in bloom, it was gorgeous with all the greens, shapes, and textures of the plants. Weather was perfect with warm sun, bright blue skies, and cool shade. We learned about the history of the


Bluebird Farms 2015

On October 23, the LBGC enjoyed visiting the incredibly interesting homes and gardens of two of our members, Sherry Stephens and Pam Hagen. The tour finished with a fabulous tour of Bluebird Canyon Farms in Laguna. They specialize in heirloom fruits and vegetables. The work they are currently doing now and that which they have


Tree of Life Nursery

On May 22, 2015, many members of LBGC began our day with a tour of the Tree of Life Nursery. Our most recent speaker, Mike Evens led us on an excursion of the nursery’s operations, where over 500 species and varieties of California Native Plants are propagated from either seeds or cuttings. When mature they


Robinson Estate 2014

On January 22, we ventured up to Beverly Hills for lunch and a fascinating visit of the Robinson Estate; the first luxury estate built in Beverly Hills. The property contains multiple gardens, the main house, and a pool pavilion. The estate was built in 1911 and became well known for entertaining some of the most


Member Tour April 2012

Members were in awe of the elegant and amusing birdhouses both designed and made by Richard Price. Each and every piece is made from scratch. They also had the privilege of visiting the extraordinarily gorgeous garden of, Chris Lutz, where bromeliads and tillandsias are abundant.


Member Tour January 2012

Today we visited three distinctly different homes. The first was an Arizona style bungalow. The second was the home of a true gardener whose succulent collection was staggering. The last home transported us to a tropical paradise, opposite in feel from the first. No matter where we go, our city never fails to enchant us


Saddleback Tour

Saddleback College has 50 garden plots and a state of the art 10,000 foot greenhouse where students practice hands-on horticulture. Members learned a lot about the undergraduate programs offered at Saddleback and how our scholarships help the students achieve their goals.