Project Description

North Laguna was one of the earliest areas settled, with many houses dating from the 1920’s and ’30’s. The neighborhood was originally subdivided in 1906 and was known as Laguna Cliffs. It was the first subdivision in the city to have water pumped directly to each lot. After the subdivision, only a few scattered beach houses were built. The vast majority of the original cottages in the area are from the 1920’s when year round Lagunans took up residence on the “tree” streets to be near downtown. These homes were owned by those who worked in Laguna–bankers, plumbers, carpenters– who helped sustain the town for those who camped and summered there and drove Laguna’s considerable economic development in the 1920’s.
It takes a moment to notice what you are not seeing: North Laguna was one of the first neighborhoods to have underground utility wires yielding ocean views uninterrupted by fewer power lines.
Enjoy your virtual tour!