Casa del Sol Garden

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Project Description

On a sunny and blustery Friday, Tours and Travel met at the home of Mariann Keenan in Mission Viejo. Her gardens are a succulent-lover’s delight! Many different specimens, beautiful pots, and art pieces showing how a yard can change from average grass and flowers to an imaginative wonderland in four short years.Thank you, Mariann, for opening up your home to us.

Next, we were met at Casa del Sol by Elizabeth and Bill Kramer. They led us through the grounds to the Heritage Gardens, which are maintained by volunteers in the community. It is a small botanical garden with huge trees to a butterfly garden chock full of plants. There are teaching materials throughout. We, then, walked over to the vegetable/fruit gardens; each one planted and maintained by residents. An amazing variety of plants were being grown! After the gardens, we stayed on the grounds and had our bag lunches with candy having been provided by the Kramers.

A good day!