Debra Lee Baldwin, Speaker, Sept. 2018

Debra Lee Baldwin, Speaker, Sept. 20182018-09-24T08:41:26+00:00

Project Description

More than 130 members and guests attended Debra Lee Baldwin’s presentation, “Designing With Succulents” at our meeting on September 14, 2018.

Mariann Keenan, Vice President-Programs, introduced Ms. Baldwin, who discussed landscaping and container garden ideas for succulents of all kinds, from many varieties of small aloes to giant agaves to tall euphorbia trees. Ms. Baldwin said that our semi-arid coastal climate is perfectly suited for growing succulents, including flowering tropical varieties.

Before and after her one-hour talk and Q & A session, Ms. Baldwin sold and signed her books, including the new, second edition of “Designing With Succulents.”  The first edition, published in 2007, is credited with launching worldwide interest in succulents.  Members said they loved her talk, and her books sold like hotcakes!

Go to Debra Lee Baldwin to learn more about succulents, to sign up for her newsletter and to connect with her on social media, including her You Tube Channel, which has exceeded four million views.