Nursery Hopping – JANUARY 2016

Nursery Hopping – JANUARY 20162016-12-13T12:30:02+00:00

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We had another great field trip on Friday, January 22. We piled into cars and headed down to San Diego County to visit the always great Waterwise Botanicals where I’m sure most of us spent too much money! Next, we went to Pearson’s Garden and Herb Farm where they grow an incredible 1000+ varieties of plants that many of us have never (ever!) heard of before: herbs, vegetables, spices, and scent-leafed geraniums. There were purple brussel sprouts, coconut-scented geraniums, birdhouses, and soaps. The owner gave us a quick talk about how they got started growing plumerias, but because of an incredibly hard freeze, they lost nearly all of their inventory and switched to herbs which have been very successful. From there, in spite of some very sketchy directions, we ALL made it to The Nursery Outlet in San Marcos where we found deeply discounted plants, vegetables, fruits and unique decorative pieces. Since some of us were getting grumpy at that point, most of us went to the Spaghetti Factory for lunch and much chattering about the day. After lunch, we headed up the street to KRC Rock and bought rocks, stepping stones, and glass chunks. Then, it was time for home.

The field trips are always fun and such a wonderful way to get to know other members in the Laguna Beach Garden Club. Please join us next time when we go to the San Diego Botanical Gardens, formerly Quail Botanical Gardens.

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