San Diego Botanic Gardens

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Project Description

Laguna Beach Garden Club members piled into cars and drove down to the San Diego Botanic Gardens on Friday, February 26 2016. The weather was gorgeous with light breezes and sunshine. We were supposed to have a docent but that plan went awry. In the members’ opinions, that was a good thing! We broke into groups and wandered freely throughout the gardens: touching what we shouldn’t, being where we probably shouldn’t, picking up what we shouldn’t, and stuffing our faces into flowers and foliages to smell Nature at her finest. Good group of people and lots of fun was had!

The lunch plans also went awry. We were going to eat at Coco’s (DULL!). But, since Coco’s had actually closed down, we went to Plan B and Betty’s Pie Whole Saloon. WHOA! It was just short of fabulous. Sweet pies. Savory pies. We left the restaurant with tummies full; some of us took more pies home to enjoy later. The shopping center where we ate also had a couple of small nurseries, an olive oil shop, hydroponics, and a knick-knack store. Money was spent by everyone. Highly endorse Betty’s Pie Whole Saloon!

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