SmartScape Expo, Oct. 2018

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Project Description

In the Community by Lynn Jax

At the 9th annual SmartScape Expo on Saturday, October 13 at Laguna Beach County Water District, even inclement weather didn’t prevent us intrepid club members from spending hours or most of the day at this worthwhile event aimed at educating the community at large about methods of conserving water. We educated many curious visitors who wanted to learn more about drought-tolerant and water-wise plants, thanks to our resident “Plant Experts,” Mariann Keenan, Synthia Scofield and Lisa Fecteau who shared their knowledge.

In addition, we disseminated information about our club, collected email addresses from those who enthusiastically wanted to receive updates on our Gate & Garden Tour on May 3, 2019 and sold some raffle tickets for a chance at winning a Jeanne Yale creation of a grapevine wreath studded with succulents. We volunteers were excellent ambassadors for Laguna Beach Garden Club, sharing our enthusiasm and friendly spirit.

We enjoyed giving away the abundant supply of succulent cuttings generously supplied by our club members, and at the close of the day the Laguna Beach Troop of the Girls Scouts volunteered to take all the remaining cuttings to plant at their respective homes and the Girl Scout House in town.

But the most fun of the day, was our craft of print-making with leaves. Besides helping adults and children create their own art, many of us utilized our creative talents and others of us accepted the challenge to play with paint, leaves, rollers and paper. Some created notecards while others decided to make art pieces destined for their refrigerator or a frame on the wall.