Green Thumb

December 2017 Green Thumb


Once again, Jeanne held her famous Green Thumb workshop featuring holiday wreath making.  Everyone brings succulents to share.  Jeanne has all the equipment needed and the know-how.  Perseverance and Creativity results in a fabulous wreath to decorate our homes.  Marilyn shows off her creation.

September 2017


Natalie Harlow-Alison, our resident Green Thumb creative force, held yet another class where about 12 club members learned how to add cement to the top of rocks and embed decorations into the cement. We all agreed that dealing with cement is not easy, but we all had a fun time and came home with several

March 2017 Shells


Shells are beautiful containers for planting. If you are going to drill holes to hang them, be sure to wear a mask. Do try to be eco-friendly when you buy shells. Many websites, especially ones who distribute to smaller businesses, collect shells by dredging sea floors and killing the shells’ occupants. Look for sites that

December 2016 Green Thumb


There is so much one can do with palm fronds. For this project, Natalie puts a plastic bottle or two between the frond and the plywood the frond is attached to. Do this before the frond is dry so it can be formed around the bottle. When the bottles are removed, you will have room

Kokedama or String Moss Ball


This month we gathered at Natalie’s home and got our hands really messy. Of course this was fun! The project also inspired many ideas as to how we could use this in our homes and gardens and for making gifts. Click here to visit the Kokedama website From Wikipedia Kokedama is also called poor man's

November’s Green Thumb


November’s Green Thumb was held at Nancy Englund’s home with about 20 people attending. We put together stepping stones using rock, pretty glass bits and things that were brought from home. Everyone was quite creative and the results show-stopping! There are always good times to be had at the Green Thumb events! The first photo

Succulent Wreath


We had a productive day of planting succulents in a framework of wire and dampened moss. The project is a bit messy and takes patience and time but the final product is beautiful and long-lasting. The succulents came from members of the club own gardens and from those of friends and neighbors. The resulting variety

Hypertufa Pots


This Green Thumb event was so popular that Nancy and Wendy had to add a second day so all who wanted to create a Hypertufa pot or two, could. Everyone had fun; everyone got muddy, and everyone went home with fabulous pots. Directions for making the pots are in “Member’s Only” Visit Member's Page