Sponsors Make It Happen

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Thank You

The Laguna Beach Garden Club sincerely appreciates the generous support of its sponsors.

  • You help make scholarships possible that we provide to college and graduating high school students who are interested in horticulture and related fields.

  • You support our donations to educational school gardens at elementary and middle schools and to public gardens and arboretums.

  • You help us continue our civic beautification work at local parks and gardens. Thank you!

2018-19 Sponsors

MONARCH: $1000 +

Arabella Laguna
Carolyn Bent
Nancy Englund
Jorja Puma

Scinto Foundation
Dan & Maggie Siegel
Virginia Templeton
The Bank Mexican Restaurant, Temecula
Mary Williams

PELARGONIUM: $500 ~ $999

Chris Lutz

POPPY: $100 ~ $499

ElizaBeth Chapel
Elaine Davis
Duchess of Pearls
Fawn Memories, Laguna Beach
Lisa Fecteau
Catherine Hall
Linda Humes
Lynn Jax
Mariann Keenan
Kokopelli Gallery, Laguna Beach

Diane Lannon
Debbie Lewis
Dalynn Malek
Becky Martin
Marlo Bartels Studio
Karen Metcalfe
Melinda Payson
Chris Ranabargar
Tentacle Pots
Donna Wadsworth
Roger Taft Wood Bowls
Rob Zur Schmiede

ALOE: $25 ~ $99

P.J. Amyouny
Bee Medicine
Elizabeth Blackburn
Nancy Boone
Erin Marie Bradley
Patricia Carpenter
Janet Chance
Corona Cactus
Sandy Desmond
Earthy Jewels
Susan Ferrari
Gelson’s Market, Laguna Beach
Gnarly Gourd
Guida’s Garden
Tom Hensel
Linda Homscheid

Cort Kloke
Diane Kloke
Jacqueline Knauer
Bill & Elizabeth Kramer
Vernetta Lieb
Connie Maxsenti
Peggi McDonald
Dale Palas
Dee Perry
Port Town Pottery
Lynn Pries
Shelby Rigg
Lisa Rocks
Synthia Scofield
Taco Bar Catering
Patricia Weier
Gayle Whitaker
Whitney Gallery
Jeanne Yale

Be a Sponsor

Individuals and businesses may become sponsors at these contribution levels:

  • Monarch ($1,000+)
  • Pelargonium ($500 – $999)
  • Poppy ($100 – $499)
  • Aloe ($25 – $99)

To be a sponsor, donate today by check or credit card.  The Laguna Beach Garden Club is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and contributions are 100% tax deductible.

Besides helping the community, sponsor names are visible to hundreds of club members and Gate & Garden Tour attendees.  They appear by level of contribution in our Membership Book, on our website, in our Weeder’s Digest newsletter, in our Gate & Garden Tour brochure and on tour signage. Plus, business sponsors are provided a link to their websites or social media pages from our website.

If you have any questions, please contact us.