2018-2019 Board of Directors

Board President Nancy Englund kicked off her term in September 2018 by sharing her President’s Message with members, which highlights the theme, “Celebrating Art & Science in the Garden.”  As President, she heads an 11-member Board that will discuss and vote on key club policies and initiatives and will oversee club finances.  Members of this year’s Board are:

Nancy Englund

Member since 2003
Lifetime Member
President, 2018-2020
Gate & Garden Tour Chair, 2006-2018
Winner, Garden of the Year, 2017
Green Thumb Chair, 2003-2006

Mariann Keenan
Vice President, Programs

Member since 2016
Winner, Garden of the Year, 2018

Jacqueline Knauer
Recording Secretary

Member since 2008
Lifetime Member
Recording Secretary, 2014 to present

Jorja Puma

Member since 2012
President, 2014-2016
Past President, Board Member, 2016-2018
Treasurer, 2017 to present
Newsletter Editor, 2013-2014

Jeanne Yale
Financial Secretary

Member since 2005
Lifetime Member
President, 2012-2014
Past President, Board Member, 2014-2016
Financial Secretary, 2016 to present
Recording Secretary, 2009-2012
Corresponding Secretary, 2006-2009

Lisa Fecteau
Director of Membership

Member since 2014
Vice President, Programs, 2016-2018
Winner, Gardener of the Year, 2017

Lynette LaRoche
Director of Ways & Means

Member since 2013
Director of Ways & Means, 2016 to present

Karen Nelson
Director of Gate & Garden Tour

Member since 2014
Co-Director of Membership, 2016-2018

Diane Lannon
Director of Publicity

Member since 2009
Director of Publicity, 2016 to present

Linda Homscheid
Director of Website

Member since 2015
Winner, Member of the Year, 2017

Lynn Jax
Past President

Member since 2009
Vice President, Programs, 2012-2016
President, 2016-2018
Past President, Board Member, 2018-2020