Thanks to Kathy Moine, our January 2019 guest speaker, for these great instructions on planting and caring for roses.  She is an Advanced California Certified Nursery (CNN) Woman who has worked many years at Green Thumb Nursery in Lake Forest.  She is also the host of “Koffee with Kathy,” a monthly event at the nursery where she shares her knowledge of gardening and brings in other expert speakers as well.

Here’s Kathy’s year-round instructions for growing magnificent roses:

  • Prune and plant roses

  • Mid-month: fish emulsion (5-1-1)

  • End of the month: one cup alfalfa meal

  • Utilize all-purpose rose food or liquid food for quicker results

  • Beginning of the month: use fish emulsion and water-soluble fertilizer

  • End of the month: use chelated iron, zinc, Epsom salts

  • Second week: use fish emulsion.

  • End of the month: use iron, Epsom salts, zinc and Super Thrive

  • Mid-month: use fish emulsion

  • End of the month: use Epsom salts, Super Thrive and chelated iron

  • Mid-July: use fish meal or blood meal

  • Mid-August: Rotate the second type of fertilizer

  • Do summer pruning

  • Mid-month: rotate between balanced rose food, fish emulsion, Super Thrive and apply Epsom salts and iron

  • Continue with September’s rotation; apply more Epsom salts and Super Thrive

  • Mid-month: alternate weekly bloom food (high middle number [N-P-K]) and fish emulsion (Note: NPK = Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium)

  • Rest!