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Crafty & Creative by Linda Homscheid

Natalie Harlow-Alison led a Green Thumb Craft workshop creating glass flower plates at her home on October 19. Members had fun as they received instruction and made unique works of garden art. Natalie has enjoyed hosting most of our Green Thumb activities since she joined the club in 2010.

“We had a great group; they really enjoyed themselves. The day was bright and sunny, we were outdoors working at tables under umbrellas, and the activity was creative and relaxing!”

An added plus: Natalie took the group on a tour of her new, expanded backyard and tropical garden.

Natalie gave members step-by-step directions on how to make glass flowers. In a nutshell — plates, bowls or cups are arranged in layers and glued to one another with weatherproof silicone adhesive. By layering the pieces from large to small, the creation resembles the open petals of a blooming flower. Metal piping is added to simulate the flower’s “stem” and to serve as a stake.

Natalie said the items used to create flowers can be old or thrift store finds or ones of sentimental value. “That’s one of the things that makes this workshop fun – when people bring things that have personal meaning and turn them into colorful flowers to put in their gardens.”

Care of glass flowers is easy, Natalie says. She’s had some in her garden for five years. Just avoid sprinklers to avoid water spots!

“Members so appreciate these workshops. I even get thank you cards!” said Natalie. “I love to empower people to use power tools or whatever it takes to construct garden art. I get great pleasure, and they learn something at the same time.”

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