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Jeanne Yale led a Green Thumb Craft project creating grapevine succulent wreaths at her home on September 21, 2018. Members had fun as they received instruction and made their own living wreaths. Jeanne has enjoyed leading this activity for several years.

In our photo album, you’ll see shots of Marybeth Chapman, Rosemary Mendrella, Barbara Grimes and Allison Grimes – and, of course, Jeanne.

“The craft class lasted about two hours, and it brought together old and new members who had a great time being creative and building friendships,” said Jeanne. “That’s why these activities are so great.”

Jeanne supplied the grapevine wreaths and told participants to bring succulent cuttings with sturdy stems, which they worked through the vines before adding glue and moss. About half of each wreath is left bare to reveal the graceful, curving wood.

The class also included care instructions. The moss, when moistened, provides an environment for the succulent cuttings to take root, and these living wreaths can last about six months. Spray or water lightly once a week or less to keep them looking great — since succulents are drought-tolerant. And, living wreaths thrive indoors or out – wherever you wish to decorate!

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