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Jeanne Yale led our efforts at the annual Green Day Environmental Fair at the Sawdust Art & Craft Festival on July 22, 2018.   We had four volunteers manning our table from 10 am – 2 pm:  Jeanne, Nancy Englund, Synthia Scofield and Janet Chance.

About 20 club members donated dozens of varieties of succulent cuttings to give away that day, ranging from rare to common succulents.  This meant that we had an abundance of cuttings for community members, artists and visitors to take home and plant.   There was a constant flow of more than 200 people to our table over the four hours we were there.

We also provided advice on how to plant and care for succulents – as well as information on other low-water-use plants that thrive in our semi-arid climate.

“Green Day is a fun event for the club to participate in; people love our table of succulents and the information that we provide about drought-tolerant plants,” said Nancy.  “We are grateful to our members for the scores of succulent cuttings that they donated to make our participation possible,” she added.

We have participated in the Green Day Environmental Fair since its inauguration five years ago.  Check out our prior year photos.

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