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This month we gathered at Natalie’s home and got our hands really messy. Of course this was fun! The project also inspired many ideas as to how we could use this in our homes and gardens and for making gifts.

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From Wikipedia

Kokedama is also called poor man’s bonsai ( .[1] ( It’s made of wet Akadama ( soil and Keto (peat ( ) formed to a ball.[2] ( The plant is set into the ball and afterwards the moss is wrapped around. Aluminium wire or nylon wire fixes the whole bundle, and is sometimes used to suspend the Kokedama in the air. Kokedama must be watered regularly. One method suggests feeling the weight of the Kokedama over time – when the ball feels light, it can be submerged in water. The best plants for kokedama making are ones that require medium to full shade, since direct sunlight will likely burn and ultimately turning your kokedama a shade of brown.