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We had a productive day of planting succulents in a framework of wire and dampened moss. The project is a bit messy and takes patience and time but the final product is beautiful and long-lasting. The succulents came from members of the club own gardens and from those of friends and neighbors. The resulting variety of gathered plants contributes to the imaginative designs. Members also donate from their collections of “this and that” to add pops of color, whimsy, and tributes to the upcoming holiday.

Here are some tips for caring for your gorgeous wreath. Because you have used wet sphagnum moss, there are air pockets to keep the succulent from rotting but they will also have the water they need. Soak the whole wreath in room temperature or slightly cold water for about 5 minutes. Don’t water again until the moss dries. Your wreath should be hung where there is enough light so it doesn’t stretch to seek light, but also keep in mind that strong direct sunlight is the quickest way to destroy your wreath.