Pocket Park


The Pocket Park, established in 1984, is located on Forest Avenue in Laguna Beach and was desgined as a Eurpoean sitting garden in the center of a town. It is adjacent to the Presbyterian Church where the Laguna Beach Garden Club holds its monthly meeting and has been maintained by our club members since 1999.

Melaleuca Tree in Heisler Park


The Laguna Beach Garden Club, Laguna Beach Beautification Council, and the City of Laguna have collaborated by planting around the magnificent Melaleuca Tree in Heisler Park. Ruben Flores has been on a mission to save this beautiful tree from the many climbers it has been supporting for too many years. Its limbs are damaged, and

Rose Garden in Heisler Park


In August, the Laguna Beach Garden Club and Laguna Beach Beautification Council collaborated to refurbish the Rose Garden in Heisler Park at Monument Point. 20 new rose bushes were planted and the rose garden is once again beautiful. Be sure and take a visit next time you are on a stroll in Heisler Park.

Monarch Butterflies


In honor of Earth Day, April 22, 2015, the Laguna Beach Garden Club planted pesticide free, native milkweed plants at local schools and in our community. Milkweed plants are the single food source for the Monarch butterfly caterpillar. The Monarch butterflies have been steadily declining for more than a decade, and although scientists are unsure

Sister Cities


On March 24, 2009, the Laguna Beach City Council unanimously approved the development of a Sister City Garden in Heisler Park on Cliff Drive just north of Jasmine Street. The project was put on hold until February 2014, when Laguna Beach Garden Club, Laguna Beach Sister Cities and Ruben Flores of Laguna Nursery and Laguna

Hummingbird Aviary


Monique Rae captured our hearts with her stories of rescued hummingbirds at our January 9, 2015 meeting. We were so impressed with her passion and commitment to saving each and every little hummingbird, that we donated all of the proceeds from our February Valentine Auction to her 501(c)3, Jewels of Nature. With these additional funds,

Penny Pines Plantation


A voluntary 'loose change' collection is taken from members at our meetings, which is a contribution toward the total cost of purchasing a reforestation plantation in the Cleveland National Forest. The club's contributions over the years have reforested many sections of the forest, a 'GREEN PROJECT' for certain!!!

Civic Beautification


In 1999, our club was offered an opportunity to participate in an exciting civic beautification garden project. This garden, located in Laguna Beach has been established and maintained since that time. This pocket garden, or plaza, was originally established in 1984 by Walter von Gremp with a vision of a European sitting garden in the

Hortense Miller Garden


Established in 1959, the garden covers two and one half acres of the upper slopes of Boat Canyon in Laguna Beach, California. The Garden demonstrates the range of plants that can be grown in Southern California coastal zones. It provides a source of visual information and inspiration for visitors planning their own gardens. The use